As part of the esteemed Global Focus Project selection committee, your expertise and discerning eye will play a pivotal role in identifying 12 exceptional nominees who will represent their continents and genders through their powerful photo essays.

To ensure a fair and thorough evaluation process, we kindly request that you follow the guidelines outlined below:

Initial Criteria and Additional Considerations:

  1. Continent and Gender Representation: Ensure that each continent (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania) is represented by one male and one female nominee. This will help us showcase the global diversity and talent within the photography community.

  2. Impactful Storytelling: Evaluate the impact of the nominees’ photo essays. Look for projects that convey compelling narratives, evoke emotions, and create a lasting impression on the viewers.

  3. Relevance to Continent and Gender: Assess whether the nominees’ projects authentically represent the cultures, themes, and experiences relevant to their respective continents and genders. Emphasize the importance of regional identity and representation.

  4. Social Media Presence and Photography Portfolio: Consider the nominees’ presence and engagement on social media platforms, along with the strength and quality of their overall body of photographic work.

  5. Artistic Excellence: Assess the technical mastery, creativity, and innovation displayed in the nominees’ photography. Look for photographs that transcend the ordinary and exhibit exceptional artistic merit.

  6. Cultural Representation: Encourage projects that authentically capture the diverse cultures, traditions, and unique aspects of life from each continent. Emphasize the importance of promoting cultural understanding through photography.

  7. Environmental and Social Awareness: Give preference to projects that raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, social challenges, or contribute to humanitarian causes. We believe photography can be a powerful tool for advocacy and positive change.

  8. Originality and Uniqueness: Seek out projects that offer fresh perspectives and unconventional storytelling methods. Prioritize nominees who push the boundaries of photography and present novel narratives.

  9. Potential for Impact: Consider the potential of the selected photographers and their projects to inspire and make a lasting impact within the photography community and society at large. Look for nominees whose work can ignite conversations and provoke thought.

  10. Collaboration and Community Engagement: Recognize nominees who have actively engaged with local communities or collaborated with fellow artists and organizations. Community involvement can enhance the impact of their photography.

  11. Long-term Commitment: Evaluate the nominee’s dedication to photography as a career and their potential for sustained growth and contribution to the art form.

Selection Committee Guidelines:

  1. Review and Evaluate Individually: Prior to the scheduled Zoom meeting, please review the submitted photo essays from the nominees individually. Take your time to carefully assess each project based on the initial criteria and additional considerations provided in the briefing document.

  2. Make Detailed Notes and Comments: As you review the photo essays, make detailed notes and comments on each nominee’s work. Pay close attention to their storytelling abilities, visual impact, representation of continent and gender, social media presence, artistic excellence, and other relevant factors.

  3. Consider the Nominee’s Potential Benefits: In addition to evaluating the photography projects, contemplate the potential benefits that each nominee could gain from being selected and invited to participate in Xposure 2024. Reflect on how this recognition and platform can contribute to their professional growth and exposure.

  4. Select First and Second Choices: After evaluating the nominees, kindly rank your top two choices based on the established criteria. Your first choice should be the nominee whose photo essay best aligns with the project’s objectives, and the second choice should be the runner-up.

  5. Prepare for the Zoom Meeting: Arrive at the Zoom meeting with your individual evaluations, notes, and comments readily available. This will facilitate a well-informed and comprehensive discussion among the committee members.

  6. Facilitate Constructive Discussion: During the Zoom meeting, we encourage open and constructive discussion on each nominee’s strengths, areas of improvement, and suitability for representing their continent and gender. All committee members’ perspectives are valuable in making a well-rounded decision.

  7. Vote and Finalize Nominees: Following the discussion, we will conduct a voting process to select the 12 nominees who will be invited to showcase their work at Xposure 2024. Each committee member’s input and votes, including their first and second choices, will be taken into account in finalizing the selections.

  8. Maintain Confidentiality: As we value the integrity of the selection process, we kindly ask that all committee members maintain confidentiality and refrain from sharing any information about the nominees or their projects outside of the committee’s purview.

Your dedication and commitment to identifying talented photographers and compelling photo essays from around the world will make this project a resounding success. Thank you for your contributions in celebrating the art of photography and promoting cultural diversity through this prestigious initiative.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to our upcoming Zoom meeting and the valuable insights you will bring to the selection process.