Every day, we see the world through our own eyes. But what if we could see it through the eyes of others? That’s the vision of the Global Focus Project – a project that aims to provide a platform for photographers worldwide to share their unique perspectives.


The “Global Focus Project” Nomination Program is an initiative that aims to celebrate and recognise the talent and creativity of photographers worldwide. The program seeks to identify and select an outstanding male and female photographer from each of the six continents, namely Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania. These twelve photographers will be invited to Sharjah and awarded for their work and contributions to the field of photography.

The project will be launched in March 2023 as an initiative by Xposure International Photography Festival and strives to celebrate the unique perspectives and stories told by photographers from all corners of the world. 


A project to see the world differently

What is the Global Focus Project?

The Global Focus Project is an international project created to showcase photographers’ work from six continents. 

The project is open to all photographers from every photographic field, from fashion to documentary, street to editorial, and portrait to nature. Selected photographers will showcase their work at the Xposure International Photography Festival, emphasising inclusivity and diversity. Photographers will also have the opportunity to share their work with a global audience and potentially get it published in various media outlets.

The benefits of the Global Focus Project

The Global Focus project is an excellent opportunity for photographers worldwide to have their work seen and appreciated. Besides the project’s exposure, photographers can benefit from networking opportunities during the Xposure International Photography Festival.

Nominated and elected photographers will have the chance to meet other photographers, industry professionals, and influential people and learn more about the photo industry and the opportunities available. Photographers will also attend workshops and seminars to learn more about the craft and gain insight into the industry.

How to become an appointed nominator

You must first be registered as a nominator to nominate photographers in the Global Focus Photography project. To be appointed as a nominator in the Global Focus Project, a strong background in photography would typically involve a combination of education, experience, and expertise in the field.  (more details)

As an appointed nominator, you can nominate one, two or three photographers via the website. The nominations provided by the invited photography professionals will require two confirmations.