Amazon and the gold of hunger

The clandestine gold that circulates in the world leaves the lands where the Yanomami indigenous population lives and leaves a trail of misery, hunger, disease and death. The Yanomami are in the news due to malnutrition in their villages and the invasion of 25,000 miners into their territory. The land charred by predatory deforestation and […]

Flow of Resilience

If there is some unifying aspect that underlies the essence of being Amazonian, it is the extraordinary capacity of its people to overcome the intrinsic difficulties of their very own existence. It seems to flow between the rivers of this wide territory, those same rivers that make their access difficult and that keep them very […]


The new indigenous generation facing the “mestizaje” with the strength of their identity show us other possible ways of living in harmony with nature and ourselves as a rebirth without fear of colonialism, the youth that decided to stay in their land, with their family, and develop a lifestyle that combines the modernity and the […]

Stadium Grandma

Luzia Moraes (86) is a supporter for Rio de Janeiro’s football team Botafogo. At home, Luzia has six grandchildren of her own, but at the stadium she is named “Big Grandma” by hundreds.

Cimarrona, I am black because the sun looked at me

Cimarrona, I am black because the sun looked at me is a photo documentary essay that explores the story of the daughters and granddaughters of black women who survived slavery in Latin America.This project aims to remarks women empowerment for black liberation through spiritual legacy that remains alive through the preservation of ancestral practices as […]

Sumak Kawsay: The Rights of Nature

South American Ecuador, with its unprecedented biodiversity, is to date the only country in the world where nature has been granted rights, which are enshired in Article 71-74 of the Constitution. The rights of Nature are inspired by Sumak Kawsay, a premise taken from pre-Columbian Andean Quechua cosmology. It is translated with “Buen Vivir” (Good […]

The Bird King

Throughout South America, the condor stands as an iconic symbol of great significance. Revered for their majestic presence, these extraordinary birds are seen as guardians of our souls and conduits for prayers. In ancient Inca beliefs, they were believed to be immortal. Unfortunately, human greed and the relentless exploitation of natural resources have pushed the […]


For over ten thousand years, in the suburban and marginal areas, between Colombia and Venezuela, it survives the indigenous Wayúu tribe, the soul of the desert. Today this population is crippled by hunger and it has been undergoing a silent extinction in institutional indifference. About 45% of the department of Guajira is considered indigenous territory. […]