Keep Going New York !!

My “Keep Going New York !!” project focusses on the resilience of my fellow New Yorkers, on moments of normalcy under exceptional circumstances during the challenging year of the pandemic in 2020. The positive attitude in most of the photographs of my chosen hometown show New Yorkers doing what they always do: They keep going […]


Absence is a word that constantly crosses Latin American countries such as Mexico, where approximately 200 people disappear every day, but how is this pain articulated? Where words do not exist because they are muted by the tearing, new languages manifest themselves, many of them barely clear, unconscious, and pain is the one that speaks. […]

The War at Home

In 2009 I began documenting U.S. military troops deployed to war in Afghanistan. I have continued to photograph the lives of same military service members for the past decade in Afghanistan and at Fort Drum’s U.S. military base in New York – documenting soldiers at war, as they make their way home from deployment, and […]

entrepreneurs of the pacific

“Entrepreneurs of the Pacific” is a documentary project highlighting a fisherwomen collective in Puerto San Carlos. The project revolves around three main characters: Alicia, the collective’s founder, faces challenges in selling their production due to an unfair value chain, perpetuating the inequality fisherwomen encounter. Sandra becomes the main provider and caregiver after her husband’s death […]

Borderland Journeys – Capturing the Crossing Mexico-USA

“Borderland Journeys” is a deeply personal documentary photography project that delves into the harrowing experiences of Mexican migrants as they navigate the treacherous journey across the Mexico-US border. Through my lens, I captured the raw emotions, resilience, and unwavering spirit of these individuals seeking a better future. From the scorching desert landscapes to the hidden […]

Begins a Scar

A project collaboration with Patricia Smith Sandro is working hard to bring people together with love and respect, fighting political, social and racial injustices with this body of work. This project is about, “Enough is Enough”! The saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” is a big lie. […]

Crowns: My hair, My soul, My Freedom

My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom is a celebration of the diversity, artistry, and power of black women’s hair. This project is about highlighting the many ways in which black women embrace their freedom of choice and express their creativity through their hair, no matter the style or texture, […]

LA FRONTERA: Artists along the US-Mexican Border

For this project I have visited most major and some smaller cities on both sides of the entire 2000 miles long U.S. – Mexico border and photographed about 200 painters, photographers, musicians, writers, dancers, architects and art promoters in order to shine a spotlight on the vibrant cultural activities and cross-border opportunities that exist despite […]