Import/Export: Narratives & Myth in the Australian landscape

Shane Hulbert’s photographic practice acknowledges landscape as a relational space between people, culture and nature. Through a range of photographic devices and processes he images the complexity of the Australian landscape and its connection to place, myth and history. Import/Export explores the collective national identity through the popular iconography and myths that celebrates and defines […]

A Refuge for the Sacred Ones

In 2020, millions of people around the globe were horrified to see the suffering of Australian wildlife during the bushfires. Two years on, and many of the rescued kangaroos have now been slaughtered by commercial kangaroo shooters. Australian wildlife also continues to suffer and die due to car accidents, fencing, introduced diseases and animals. The […]

bridging the gap: Human Emotions and Animal Emotions

Emotions are categorised using words such as love, happiness, pleasure, fear and vulnerability. Every photograph here is a brief of moment of stillness and connection between myself and the animal/(s) where we both replace fear with love and vulnerability. Allowing the animals ethereal beauty, emotions and personality to be felt by viewers of the photographs. […]