Photographer:Max Hirshfeld
Continent: North America
Project Title: One Shot
Project Continent: North America
Project Country: United States
Nominated By: Eric Meola
Seconded By: Lars Boering,

Propelled by a sense of immediacy, these photos of everyday people in everyday places attempt to reveal what we often fail to see. By illustrating the drama of a familiar gesture or a barely perceivable nervousness, I hope to suggest the larger theater of alienation where we are all players.

For this project I created a transparent architecture of fixed, repeatable dimensions through which any passing person can be photographed, allowing myself only one exposure per subject. In so doing I chose to reduce the act of portraiture to a singular, visceral moment. This ultimately liberating device gave me one chance to celebrate our commonality, one shot to connect.

I-Chi Chen

H Street NW Washington DC - 2003

America Lopez

Broadway Los Angeles CA - 2006

Nathan Lyzenga

Voltaire Street San Diego CA - 2006

Marie Wilson

Eye Street NW Washington DC - 2003

Fredi Castillo

Columbia Road NW Washington DC - 2004

Agnes Gray

18th Street NW Washington DC - 2005

Gustavo Chavez

Columbia Road NW Washington DC - 2004

Laura Homsey

Broadway San Diego CA - 2004

Robert Kairy

14th Street NW Washington DC - 2003

Martha Dowdy

Seaside Street San Diego CA - 2003