Chicago, A Tale of Two Cities

Chicago, A Tale of Two Cities. It is the nature of every true work of art to draw us out of our own world and into its reality. This happens because the world created by the artwork is of course our world, no other, so what the artwork adds to the familiar is the shock […]

Días Eternos

The crisis of incarcerated women in Latin America fuels crime and violence, disrupting family structures and affecting society. A single woman’s imprisonment has far-reaching effects, leaving dependents vulnerable without support. Gender inequality exacerbates justice imbalances. In El Salvador, harsh penalties for abortion equate it with murder, while in Venezuela, political protests lead to imprisonment. Indigenous […]

One Shot

Propelled by a sense of immediacy, these photos of everyday people in everyday places attempt to reveal what we often fail to see. By illustrating the drama of a familiar gesture or a barely perceivable nervousness, I hope to suggest the larger theater of alienation where we are all players. For this project I created […]


“Enigma of the Veiled Faces: A Spectrum of Identity” is a captivating art collection that celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Africa while exploring universal themes of identity and self-expression. Each piece within this collection serves as a vibrant testament to the continent’s diverse traditions, rituals, and beliefs, depicted through a mesmerizing array of colors […]