tears of the tigris

The Tigris river, known as the Dijlah, has always been a conduit for more than water. Along with its sister, the Euphrates, it formed the eastern bound of Mesopotamia and irrigated some of the earliest civilizations on earth. For 7000 years its cycles of flooding have created seasons of plenty and scarcity, and at natural […]

Amazon and the gold of hunger

The clandestine gold that circulates in the world leaves the lands where the Yanomami indigenous population lives and leaves a trail of misery, hunger, disease and death. The Yanomami are in the news due to malnutrition in their villages and the invasion of 25,000 miners into their territory. The land charred by predatory deforestation and […]

Import/Export: Narratives & Myth in the Australian landscape

Shane Hulbert’s photographic practice acknowledges landscape as a relational space between people, culture and nature. Through a range of photographic devices and processes he images the complexity of the Australian landscape and its connection to place, myth and history. Import/Export explores the collective national identity through the popular iconography and myths that celebrates and defines […]

Keep Going New York !!

My “Keep Going New York !!” project focusses on the resilience of my fellow New Yorkers, on moments of normalcy under exceptional circumstances during the challenging year of the pandemic in 2020. The positive attitude in most of the photographs of my chosen hometown show New Yorkers doing what they always do: They keep going […]

Flow of Resilience

If there is some unifying aspect that underlies the essence of being Amazonian, it is the extraordinary capacity of its people to overcome the intrinsic difficulties of their very own existence. It seems to flow between the rivers of this wide territory, those same rivers that make their access difficult and that keep them very […]

Plague Of The Century

Cancer is the plague of our century. WHO figures reveal a stark truth – one in five of us confronts it. Early diagnosis remains the best weapon in this fight, and my aim through this photo project is to stir a raw, unfiltered response – a disquiet that stirs action. I believe fear keeps people […]

Finding Family in Unlikely Companions: Inspirational Journey of Sundar Rajbangshi

In a quaint village nestled amidst the lush greenery, not far from the bustling city of Kolkata, lived an 80-year-old man named Sundar Rajbongshit. Despite his age, Sundar possessed a radiant energy that defied time. He had spent a significant portion of his life working tirelessly, first in a private job and then toiling on […]

At The Epicenter Of Covid 19

Since World War II, there has not been a more impactful global event affecting the world than COVID. When it first hit, we watched it like a vague dystopic science fiction from afar and then, in no time, became actors in it. With borders closed and economies hit hard, we became prisoners in our own […]

A Refuge for the Sacred Ones

In 2020, millions of people around the globe were horrified to see the suffering of Australian wildlife during the bushfires. Two years on, and many of the rescued kangaroos have now been slaughtered by commercial kangaroo shooters. Australian wildlife also continues to suffer and die due to car accidents, fencing, introduced diseases and animals. The […]

Glimpse of the once Wild Souls

In every glimpse of our beloved pets, there is a piece of a wilderness hidden there and longing for freedom. If we are careful enough, if we are patient enough they will show us their really beauty and invite to the world full of magic. Where our souls, once the wild once, can dance in […]