Stefan Falke – Keep Going New York !!

This photographic project during the pandemic in 2020, I sought to capture the resilience and unwavering spirit of my fellow New Yorkers as they navigated through unprecedented challenges. Through my lens, I focused on moments of normalcy and positivity amidst the chaos, showcasing the indomitable determination of New Yorkers to keep going, no matter the […]

Chantal Pinzi – Shred the Patriarchy

The project Shred the Patriarchy focuses on the stories of some Moroccan women who practice skateboarding despite the hard social and family repercussions that are forced to suffer for this choice not yet accepted within the moroccan society. The international reputation of Morocco as a reformist and progressive country it is still contradictory when it […]

Mario Heller – Arctic Dreams

Barentsburg, located on the remote island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic, is a unique Russian settlement characterized by its extreme isolation, harsh climate, and tight-knit community. Despite its challenging environment, Barentsburg is home to a diverse group of individuals who have chosen to live and work in this remote outpost. The population of Barentsburg primarily […]

Erin Trieb – The War at Home

In 2009 I began documenting U.S. military troops deployed to war in Afghanistan. I have continued to photograph the lives of same military service members for the past decade in Afghanistan and at Fort Drum’s U.S. military base in New York – documenting soldiers at war, as they make their way home from deployment, and […]

Johanna Alarcón – Cimarrona, I am black because the sun looked at me

“Cimarrona, I am black because the sun looked at me” is a profound photo documentary essay by Johanna Alarcón that delves into the lives and stories of the descendants of black women who survived slavery in Latin America. The project sheds light on the experiences, struggles, and resilience of these women and their descendants, highlighting […]

Gabriel Chaim – Amazon and the Gold of Hunger

The clandestine gold that circulates in the world leaves the lands where the Yanomami indigenous population lives and leaves a trail of misery, hunger, disease and death. The Yanomami are in the news due to malnutrition in their villages and the invasion of 25,000 miners into their territory. The land charred by predatory deforestation and […]

Charlotte Piho – Bridging the gap: Human Emotions & Animal Emotions

Emotions are categorised using words such as love, happiness, pleasure, fear and vulnerability. Every photograph here is a brief of moment of stillness and connection between myself and the animal/(s) where we both replace fear with love and vulnerability. Allowing the animals ethereal beauty, emotions and personality to be felt by viewers of the photographs. […]

Shane Hulbert – Import/Export: Narratives & Myth in the Australian landscape

Shane Hulbert’s photographic practice acknowledges landscape as a relational space between people, culture and nature. Through a range of photographic devices and processes he images the complexity of the Australian landscape and its connection to place, myth and history. Import/Export explores the collective national identity through the popular iconography and myths that celebrates and defines […]

Emily Garthwaite – Tears of the Tigris

The Tigris River, known as the Dijlah, has always been a conduit for more than water. Along with its sister, the Euphrates, it formed the eastern boundary of Mesopotamia and irrigated some of the earliest civilizations on earth. For 7000 years, its cycles of flooding have created seasons of plenty and scarcity, and at natural […]

Sirachai Arunrugstichai – Divergent Currents

“Divergent Currents” focuses on the contrasting conservation journeys of Thailand and Myanmar, two nations sharing the eastern Andaman Sea and its precious marine resources. In the Myeik Archipelago, thought as pristine after being veiled from the world for many decades and barely explored, rampant overexploitation and illegal fishing threaten marine biodiversity and the traditional way […]