General procedure to select, contact and nominate photographers for the Global Focus Photography Project:

  1. Determine the criteria for selecting photographers. Consider factors such as style, experience, reputation, and availability.
  2. Research potential photographers who meet the criteria. This can be done through online searches, social media, photography communities and organizations.

  3. Narrow down the list of potential photographers to a manageable number.

  4. Contact the selected photographers through email or social media. Introduce yourself and the project and ask if they are interested in participating.

  5. Provide details about the project, including the theme, goals, and requirements. Be clear about what is expected from the photographers and what they will receive in return. (see nominees submission procedure)

  6. Evaluate the photographers’ responses and portfolios. Select the ones who have the best fit for the project.

  7. Notify the selected photographers of their nomination and provide further details about the project timeline and other relevant information.

  8. Obtain written confirmation from the photographers to ensure their commitment to the project.

  9. Follow up with the photographers throughout the project to ensure everything runs smoothly and address any issues or concerns.

Following these steps, you can select, contact, and nominate photographers for the Global Focus Photography Project.