Glimpse of the once Wild Souls

In every glimpse of our beloved pets, there is a piece of a wilderness hidden there and longing for freedom. If we are careful enough, if we are patient enough they will show us their really beauty and invite to the world full of magic. Where our souls, once the wild once, can dance in […]

Guardians of Horsey Gap

The United Kingdom is home to more than 40% of the world’s grey seal population, making it a crucial breeding area for the species. Historically birthing colonies were largely limited to northern, remote isles. But in recent years they have spread dramatically along the Eastern coastline, staying ashore in their thousands to birth and mate, […]

Arctic Dreams

There is a tradition in Barentsburg: Whenever you are on the mainland, you should hug a tree because you will find none of them here. The Russian settlement on Spitsbergen in the Arctic is so remote that reaching it is only possible by helicopter, snowmobile, or ship – if the extreme weather allows it at […]

Mud & Dust

The title of the project is a metaphor of the violent way in which people react, both in day to day life, but especially on social media, where they feel powerfull and safe from behind the keyboard. We are all distracted by the dust they throw …fake news, manipulation and hate. As a result, we […]


In a world where everybody is obsessed with the way they look, and on social media everybody is perfect, happy and successful, FILTERLESS is a project meant to take off this mask of fake perfection and the present people the way they are, with the good and the bad, with the struggles and the challenges […]

reGeneration – Good practices against climate change

Individuals play a crucial role in addressing climate change. While systemic changes and policies are more than essential, individual actions can collectively create significant impacts that add up to a larger movement towards sustainability. In this photo series, I would like to showcase various good practices that individuals and communities are adopting to combat climate […]

Gentle (R)Evolution – Life in Eco-communities

By examining a radical lifestyle experiment, I would like to reflect on two issues becoming extremely urgent – the fragile relationship between humans and nature, and the importance of communities. Eco-communities are mainly created by intellectuals moving out of cities. In an alienated world that is unhealthily over-consuming, and eviscerating both the environment and the […]

Romanian Atmosphere

This is ongoing project about the different layers and angle of the Romanian culture and people.