Photographer:Donna Ferrato
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Project Title: WALL OF SILENCE, commissioned by the NYC Mayor’s Office to End Gender Based Violence
Project Continent: North America
Project Country: United States
Nominated By: Frank Meo
Seconded By: Tamary Kudita,

I conceived and designed the portal as a platform for provocation—to confront gender-based violence, people criminalized for defending themselves. Surrounded by courthouses, a steel armature of a jail cell. etched on a mirror.

Twilight at the Wall of Silence; Collect Pond Park, NYC, 2022

Wall of Silence dwarfed by the 3 powerful courthouses provoked debate about the criminalization of domestic violence survivors

Performance at the Wall of Silence: Collect Pond Park, NYC 2022

At the opening storytellers used their bodies to symbolize unity and to defend their human rights to survive domestic violence

Self Portrait: Storytellers Encounter Tracy Renee. Collect Pond Park 2022

Tracy wore an ankle monitor after being released from incarceration She feared the court would send her back to jail

Cry for Mercy: Tracy McCarter Renee, Collect Pond Park, NYC 2022

Tracy McCarter nurse mother and grandmother was depressed She d spent seven months in a brutal prison without bail during Covid Suicide seemed to be her only option

Murder Trial Hearing Tracy McCarter Renee, NYC, 2022

Four armed guards hovered over her at pre-trial hearings as if she represented a dangerous risk to society


Tracy didn t blink She refused to take a plea She knew she was innocent but feared the court would send her back to prison

Homage to Wall of Silence; Collect Pond Park, NYC 2023

Gibney Storytellers moved gracefully in silence and planted flowers in balls of clay

Love and Supreme Gratitude at the Wall of Silence, Collect Pond Park, NYC 05.12.23

At the closing ceremony a world was imagined where resources were given to heal criminalized survivors not to strip them of their rights

Lyn Butler, independent businesswoman. Collect Pond Park, NYC 05.12.23

Lyn Butler stood at the Wall of Silence to support women whose crime was self-defense

Tracy McCarter Renee: Free To Thrive. Collect Pond Park, NYC 05.12.23

At the closing ceremony Tracy spoke about her dark journey Suffering can be endured if there is a purpose to it Tracy made meaning out of suffering She intends to dedicate herself to helping others