Photographer:Gurcharan Roopra
Continent: Africa
Country: Kenya
Project Title: The High and Low of Wildlife Photography
Project Continent: Africa
Project Country: Kenya
Nominated By: Silke Hullmann
Seconded By: Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou,

In my personal story, aerial and ground level photos serve as the yin and yang, capturing the essence of my journey through life's highs and lows. The aerial shots unveil a world of boundless possibilities, where dreams take flight and aspirations soar. They depict the exhilarating moments of triumph, where I dared to reach for the sky.
On the other hand, the ground level photos intimately explore the depths of my experiences. They reveal the struggles, setbacks, and moments of vulnerability that have shaped me. These images showcase the beauty of nature, highlighting the strength I found in facing challenges head-on.
Together, these contrasting perspectives create a powerful narrative, reflecting calm nature with human existence. They remind me that it is through embracing both the soaring highs and the humbling lows that I discover the true depth and meaning of my own story.

Chasing my dreams

The start of my journey with a wide angle lens in wildlife photography The dramatic skies between Mt Kenya and the Aberdares range Location Solio Game Reserve Kenya

There is nothing uncertain as a sure thing

A misty morning with mommy and calf I have driven these misty mornings many times over to find nothing this has to represent my lucky day Location Solio Game Reserve Kenya

The soul that sees beauty sometimes walks alone

Maasai warrior crossing the still algae waters of Lake Magadi to get to the other side for fresh water Location Lake Magadi Kenya

Intergalactic Earth

In a mesmerizing ballet vibrant hues of green algae swirl and dance painting the waters with a captivating display of nature s artistry Location Lake Magadi Kenya

When your root is deep, there is no reason to fear the storm

Storm water feeding from Shompole into Lake Natron Location Lake Natron Kenya

Band of brothers

While exploring ground level photography I placed the camera on the ground not realising the focal length had changed nevertheless is was even more dramatic than I anticipated Location Solio Game reserve Kenya

Unparalleled Strength

working with the team at Amboseli Trust for Elephants I placed my camera on the ground awaiting the herd to walk past what I didn t anticipate is the teenager at the front trying to taste my camera and then play football with it Giving me one of the most memorable shots ever Composed by elephants Location Amboseli National Park Kenya

A Gentle Giants embrace

Loosing a camera and lens to one another elephant the day earlier Craig elephants name was the total opposite his soul embraced me creating images that are unparalleled in my library Location Kimana Sanctuary Kenya

There is an old deep magic in these woods that has seeped into my soul

Leopard walking across a branch creating a connection with nature that feels soo mystical Location Solio Game Reserve Kenya

Simplicity reveals the true beauty of life

Working with backlight I was able to create an outline of this gorgeous giraffe while working in the dark something soft brushed against my leg bracing myself I turned on my phones light to find the rangers domestic cat rubbing against me Location Solio Game Reserve Kenya