Photographer:Bruno Lavi
Continent: Asia
Country: Israel
Project Title: Romanian Atmosphere
Project Continent: Europe
Project Country: Romania
Nominated By: Selaru Ovidiu
Seconded By: Frank Meo,

This is ongoing project about the different layers and angle of the Romanian culture and people.

Half a look

Taken in Maramures North Romania

Warm welcome

No one leaves the house thirsty or hungry


Coal producer by burning wood


Sheep herding as it was done hundreds of years ago


Children celebrates the Midsummer like in the old time

The Bear Dancer

The ritual of the Bear Dancing takes place in Moldova every year between Christmas and New Year s Eve


Every Sunday the people of the Maramures villages go to the church wearing traditional clothes like their ancestors did


A gathering of the village women

Wood carver

The picture has been taken in the house of an old carver in Transylvania

Lady Roma

Portrait of an old woman from a roma gypsy village in Transylvania