Photographer:Judit Ruprech
Continent: Europe
Country: Hungary
Project Title: reGeneration – Good practices against climate change
Project Continent: Europe
Project Country: Hungary
Nominated By: Esther Horvath
Seconded By: Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou,

Individuals play a crucial role in addressing climate change. While systemic changes and policies are more than essential, individual actions can collectively create significant impacts that add up to a larger movement towards sustainability. In this photo series, I would like to showcase various good practices that individuals and communities are adopting to combat climate change. The following images are an excerpt of a series of triptychs – each sounding a different good practice towards a more sustainable life, from the use of ecological agriculture and reducing food waste to recycling and eco-conscious holidays.
With the people I photographed we hope to inspire others to make more conscious choices in their daily activities, take action, and incorporate sustainable practices into their own lives.

Triptych 01 - Water retention - Zsanett

Portrait of Zsanett Rozendaal-Pandur on her land in Hossz het ny 17 03 2023 The family collects and uses rainwater in their household

Triptych 01 - Water retention - Planting

Planting trees on the top of a freshly dug swale in Hossz het ny 19 03 2023 The shallow channel aims to keep run-off water

Triptych 01- Water retention - Horses and the swale

Summer landscape with horses and green swales Hossz het ny 31 07 2022 The shallow channel remains green even in the biggest summer heat a perfect place to plant into

Triptych 02 - Community garden - Gergő

Gerg Hajba founder of Green Spot community garden of downtown P cs which will celebrate its 6th birthday this year in the summer of 2023 P cs 10 02 2022

Triptych 02 - Community garden - Plant exchange in the garden

Plant exchange in the Green Spot community garden at the heart of downtown P cs 24 04 2022 Food treaches the plate of members by a shorter route

Triptych 02 - Community garden - The view of the garden

Mural painted by the community in the community garden P cs 06 08 2021 The love of plants brought people together for a common will which is an important value of the garden

Triptych 03 - Natural dyeing and garment-production - Dóri

Portrait of D ra V rkonyi founder of Nagysz kely Botanical Garden Workshop 10 01 2023 Here opposed to modern textile industry - artisans use fully natural elements and processes

Triptych 03 - Natural dyeing and garment-production - Dyeing

Yarn colouring with natural dye-plants onion peel and elderberries in Nagysz kely Botanical Garden Workshop 07 01 2023

Triptych 03 - Natural dyeing and garment-production - The product

Naturally dyed wool coat weaved a sewn by hand in Nagysz kely Botanical Garden Workshop 08 03 2023