Photographer:Magdalena Stockschläder
Continent: Europe
Country: Germany
Project Title: Glimpse of the once Wild Souls
Project Continent: Europe
Project Country: Germany
Nominated By: Bengin Ahmad
Seconded By: Silke Hullmann

In every glimpse of our beloved pets, there is a piece of a wilderness hidden there and longing for freedom. If we are careful enough, if we are patient enough they will show us their really beauty and invite to the world full of magic. Where our souls, once the wild once, can dance in eternal lights and beyond all the thoughts. This project included photos from many countries of Europe to show that this feeling is beyond borders and boundaries.

The breath of the morning

This gentle greetings between the Estonian Draft Horse and his half blind friend was captured very early on the amazing foggy morning in Finland in year 2018

Little Dreamer

Even the smallest ones are keeping deep in their hearts the longing for freedom Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy in 2016 Germany

Direction of thoughts

On the top of the German Mountains a Rhodesian Ridgeback Stud Dog swimming in his thoughts about freedom and the cookies he will get after the session Germany 2018

The river of gold

Sometimes the biggest precious can be found just under your feet Pura Raza Espanola Stallion at the beach in Norway 2019

The look of Erna

Erna is the mixed Bullterrier girl in the picture I was just obsessed with her kind of look and the way she looked at the world So magnetizing and focused Germany 2023

In the wilderness

This picture was capture few meters from my home in a beautiful and dark swamp Smila the border collie girl catches the few spots of lights that are fighting themselves through winter trees The life here is not easy but who respect the rules of the nature will be awarded with amazing pictures Germany 2017

Beauty and grace

In order to be a polite and gentle pet our animals hiding their really beauty and grace If we only let them a chance to show their real estate they will bloom like flowers Gypsy horse Germany 2022

The king of the mountain

Aragorn the KWNP Horse Gelding is showing of how beautiful the pets can be if we will give them a chance to do that Without fence and Halter but on the top of the polish mountain he is free and wild again Poland Tatra Mountains 2018


Each pet has his own dignity and pride But most of them giving them up in order to fix in the humans regulation How beautiful the world would be if we would meet each other equal Germany 2017


There is nothing more beautiful in this world as to see running free horse This Welsh A Stallion enjoying his moment of freedom Germany 2022