Photographer:Judit Ruprech
Continent: Europe
Country: Hungary
Project Title: Gentle (R)Evolution – Life in Eco-communities
Project Continent: Europe
Project Country: Hungary
Nominated By: Esther Horvath
Seconded By: Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou,

By examining a radical lifestyle experiment, I would like to reflect on two issues becoming extremely urgent – the fragile relationship between humans and nature, and the importance of communities. Eco-communities are mainly created by intellectuals moving out of cities. In an alienated world that is unhealthily over-consuming, and eviscerating both the environment and the human spirit, they envision their future in a cohesive community. They are committed to a life that is small-scale, slower, striving for self-sufficiency, sustainable in the long term and community based. They see themselves as part of natural processes and cycles. They use chemical-free farming, use nature-friendly technologies in their architecture and waste management and save natural resources. With their reflexivity, social critique, and open-minded approach to alternative solutions, they are capable of constant renewal.

Planting trees

The Nyim Eco Community planting trees on the Eco-meadow February 19 2022 The former agricultural land near the village is slowly turning back into natural meadow and forest


A member of Nyim Eco Community smoothing the clay plaster being prepared by hand in Nyim September 25 2022 The team s long-term plan is to build low-energy houses

Eco-house II.

Straw-bale house built from local materials by the community under construction in Nyim September 25 2022


Dani planting in their garden in Nyim May 23 2022 Mulch with the right carbon-to-nitrogen ratio helps to bind and retain moisture nourishes the plant and contributes to weed control


Vir g having rest with her dog in Nagysz kely August 8 2022 People and animals are highly interdependent Kesu is an effective watchdog alerting her immediately if anything unusual happens

Participants of Permaculture Design Course

Its builders posing with the newly completed outdoor shower in Nyim August 11 2022 The structure is quite simple but it can come in handy on a hot summer day

Sheep shearing

Etelka shearing her sheep gently by hand in Nagysz kely May 10 2022 Among the inhabitants of the ecovillage it is not uncommon to eat only animals whose names they know


Circle game at a meeting in Nyim June 12 2022 The presence of children sometimes interferes with adult programs but they are also seen as valued members of the community


Katja on horseback in Nagysz kely August 16 2022 The Ukrainian volunteer from Kiev helped local farmers with plant production and animal care works from spring until autumn

New life

Sapling on the Eco-meadow May 22 2022 Straw placed on the tree s plate helps to trap and retain morning mist and provides a habitat for insects turning the soil