Photographer:Marlon Del Aguila Guerrero
Continent: South America
Country: Peru
Project Title: Flow of Resilience
Project Continent: South America
Project Country: Peru
Nominated By: Britta Jaschinski
Seconded By: Lars Boering,

If there is some unifying aspect that underlies the essence of being Amazonian, it is the extraordinary capacity of its people to overcome the intrinsic difficulties of their very own existence.
It seems to flow between the rivers of this wide territory, those same rivers that make their access difficult and that keep them very far from an "easy life", but that nevertheless has not broken their strength.

In my 12 years traveling through their towns, I have witnessed the complexity of their ways of life, and it continues to amaze me to see that indigenous communities have chosen to face adversity far from sadness and darkness, as they have been portrayed so many times, but with a bright and colorful identity and a strong and joyful collective spirit.


Awajun men members of the self-defense committee protect their territory against outside invaders loggers and illegal land traders


Awajun women perform a ceremonial dance in the middle of a field of medicinal plants


Shipibo woman in traditional daily dress awaits transportation at the port on the banks of the Ucayali river


The plant insect and bird worlds come together in the representativeness of the Awajun identity in the adornments of a communal chief

Uses and Traditions

Traditional clothing manufacturing continues to be a very important part of daily duties in communities

Appreciated Catch

Cucama man after successful fishing of a giant catfish specimen

Joy of the Artisans

Quechua-lamista women from the artisans association start businesses that allow them economic independence and support for their homes

Look of Hope

Wapichan member recounts experiences inside a sacred forest during expedition to define plans for its protection

Joyful Sorority

Members of the Awajun Nuwas women Association form bonds of integration in the management of a communal forest

Identity and Pride

Multi-age members of the Machiguenga community are part of the tourist association that promote tourist places within the jungle of Cusco