Photographer:Maritza Lavin
Continent: North America
Country: Mexico
Project Title: entrepreneurs of the pacific
Project Continent: North America
Project Country: Mexico
Nominated By: Esther Horvath
Seconded By: Ioannis Galanopoulos Papavasileiou,

"Entrepreneurs of the Pacific" is a documentary project highlighting a fisherwomen collective in Puerto San Carlos. The project revolves around three main characters: Alicia, the collective's founder, faces challenges in selling their production due to an unfair value chain, perpetuating the inequality fisherwomen encounter. Sandra becomes the main provider and caregiver after her husband's death from decompression sickness, shedding light on poor safety standards, government regulations, and limited access to healthcare. Antonia's life takes a turn when a cartel forces the fishing community to sell their products at significantly lower prices, leading to the murder of her 14-year-old son.

By embracing the role of fisherwomen, these women gain access to better pay rates and strengthen their independence. This project aims to showcase the collective's story and advocate for necessary changes in public policies.

Sociedad cooperativa “Emprendedoras del Pacífico”

This is the official sign for the Emprendedoras del Pac fico collective at Alicia s home It states that Alicia Rosales Betancourt is the founder of the fisherwomen group


Alicia decided that she wanted to be a fisherwomen when she was young Now she has taught more than 20 women different fishing techniques

Caracol Chino

Before boiling the Caracol Chino Hexaplex princeps that they capture it lays on the ground of Alicia s house

Sandra, Antonia and sons

Sandra and Antonia work in the companion of their sons since they were little boys Both women have become the principal providers of their homes


Sandra became the main provider and caregiver of her household after her husband died from decompression sickness

Sandra’s husband memorial

Sandra and her family built a little memorial for her husband at their home It reads You proved the best until your last moments

Antonia at sea

Antonia waits before fishing caracol chino

Antonia and grandson

The Entrepreneurs of the Pacific are not only fisherwomen but caregivers Often their fishing duties overlap with taking care of children

Antonia after fishing

Antonia dries some of the caracol chino catch before delivering it to the buyers Her work doesn t end after fishing but until she s able to deliver to their customers

Local cemetery

Antonia s son rests in the local cemetery after they encountered the local cartel who wanted to force them to sell all their catch to a significantly lower price