Photographer:Sirachai Arunrugstichai
Continent: Asia
Country: Thailand
Project Title: Divergent Currents: Opposite paths of marine conservation in the Andaman Sea of Myanmar and Thailand
Project Continent: Asia
Project Country: Thailand
Nominated By: Kiliii Yuyan
Seconded By: Simon Newton,

“Divergent Currents” focuses on the contrasting conservation journeys of Thailand and Myanmar, two nations sharing the eastern Andaman Sea and its precious marine resources. In the Myeik Archipelago, thought as pristine after being veiled from the world for many decades and barely explored, rampant overexploitation and illegal fishing threaten marine biodiversity and the traditional way of life. Meanwhile, the Thai waters that is renowned tourist destinations have endured more than five decades of intensive exploitation, yet recent policy advancements offer hope for recovery where marine life are making comeback. With shared waters and interconnected ecosystems, a transboundary management plan between Myanmar and Thailand becomes crucial for preserving biodiversity and coastal livelihoods in the Andaman Sea, yet the effort is at a standstill due to the political instability in the region.


A large industrial fishing fleets are seen mooring up in the harbour during a downpour of the monsoon season Myeik Myanmar


X-ray image of the newly discovered species of sharks and rays from the Andaman Sea that were found in fish markets are collected at Australian National Fish Collection Hobart Australia

Butchered Devils

Dismembered bodies of spinetail devil ray are laid outside a ray processing factory in the back alley before getting butchered for their high-valued gill rakers Myeik Myanmar

Ghostly Grasp

A Streak spinefoot struggles to free itself while being entangled with a dead one in a mountain of ghost nets that cover the whole pinnacle in the Myeik Archipelago Myanmar

The Last Shaman

U Kar Shar one of the last shamans and spiritual leader of Moken tribe poses with ceremonial totems depicting the ancestors at their village on Langann Island Myeik Archipelgo Myanmar

Mama Turtle

A female leatherback sea turtle crawls toward the sea after laying eggs on the beach while the green glow from fishing boats is seen illuminating the night sky Phang-Nga Thailand

Fishy Cloud

A large school of silverside swim below the surface under a crashing wave feeding in the water column near the rock formation of Mu Koh Similan National Park Phang-nga Thailand

Burial of a Giant

A whale shark killed as bycatch by non-selective fishing gear is lifted with heavy machinery for burial at a dumpsite after a necropsy Mu Koh Tarutao National Park Satun Thailand


An orphaned baby Dugong that was rescued from stranding embraces a veterinarian while being rehabilitated in the natural environment before dying from plastic ingestion four months later Koh Libong Thailand

Starry Night

Under the milky way a field of staghorn corals in the shallow reef emerges from the water surface during the spring tide at Mu Koh Phetra National Park Satun Thailand