Photographer:Samah AL-Khuffash
Continent: Asia
Country: United Arab Emirates
Project Title: (Completion of the first project) ( تتمة المشروع الأول)The light that Rise from Sharjah نور بزغ من الشارقة
Project Continent: Asia
Project Country: United Arab Emirates
Nominated By: Muhammed Muheisen
Seconded By: Frank Meo,

من الشرق ،من جهة الفجر،بزغ نور شارقة الثقافة ، زرعت بذرة العلم والمعرفة ،و تتوجت بالحكمة ، للصورة فيها كلمة ، فكتبتها بالصور وفاءاً لتلك المدينة التي عشت بها شطر عمري
و لتذكرني إن غبت عنها يوماً كما سأذكرها دوماً،هنا مقتطفات من الشارقة كاقتباسات من قصيدة شعرية طويلة تلامس شغاف القلب وتسكن الوجدان ... هنا بيت من الشعر الضوئى ، هنا الشارقة
From the East, from the direction of the dawn, the light of the Sharjah of Culture arose, which planted the seed of science and knowledge, and crowned it with wisdom, the picture has a word, so I wrote it with lights in faithfulness to that city in which I lived half of my life, and to remember me if i ever left it one day, as I will always remember it. Here are excerpts from Sharjah, as a quote from a long poem that touches the passion of the heart and mind ... Here is a verse of light poetry, here is Sharjah

ليلة هادئة في سد الرفيصة

br scenic nature at the rafisa Dam among the mountains in Khorfakkan in the Wadi Shi area in the emirate of Sharjah


br A sunken ship on the beach of Sharjah is tossed by the waves to form a dramatic scene with the sea

غروب ناري على بحيرة خالد

br A magical sunset on the Khalid lake surrounded by modern high-rise buildings cultural Religious landmarks and entertainment attractions

أفق البحيرة

br perspective showing the horizon of the other side of the lake

البرق في سماء الشارقة

br br Lightning illuminates the sky on a rainy thundery night the photo shows the well-known Al Taawon Street in Sharjah

دهشة الضوء

br A night full of amazing Lightning in the sky of Sharjah