Photographer:Samah AL-Khuffash
Continent: Asia
Country: United Arab Emirates
Project Title: نور بزغ من الشارقة The light that rised from Sharjah
Project Continent: Asia
Project Country: United Arab Emirates
Nominated By: Muhammed Muheisen
Seconded By: Frank Meo,

من الشرق ،من جهة الفجر،بزغ نور شارقة الثقافة ، زرعت بذرة العلم والمعرفة ،و تتوجت بالحكمة ، للصورة فيها كلمة ، فكتبتها بالصور وفاءاً لتلك المدينة التي عشت بها شطر عمري
و لتذكرني إن غبت عنها يوماً كما سأذكرها دوماً،هنا مقتطفات من الشارقة كاقتباسات من قصيدة شعرية طويلة تلامس شغاف القلب وتسكن الوجدان ... هنا بيت من الشعر الضوئى ، هنا الشارقة
From the East, from the direction of the dawn, the light of the Sharjah of Culture arose, which planted the seed of science and knowledge, and crowned it with wisdom, the picture has a word, so I wrote it with lights in faithfulness to that city in which I lived half of my life, and to remember me if i ever left it one day, as I will always remember it. Here are excerpts from Sharjah, as a quote from a long poem that touches the passion of the heart and mind ... Here is a verse of light poetry, here is Sharjah

نصب الشارقة العاصمة العالمية للكتاب

br 2019 br br Sharjah World Book Capital monument inaugurated by Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah as a memorial on the occasion of Sharjah World Book Capital 2019 designed by international artist Gary Judah it takes the form of an ancient Arabic manuscript Since the monument symbolizes the book and the Enlightenment of human thought I chose to express it in the picture in my way where the book elevates human thought and spirit to parallel the sun and the clouds

مسجد النورعلى ضفاف بحيرة خالد

br br br Al Noor Mosque and its reflection on the shores of Khalid Lake one of the most beautiful lakes in the United Arab Emirates br It is a mosque built in the Ottoman style characterized by its multiple domes and is considered an Islamic tourist landmark and an architectural masterpiece designed according to the styles of Ottoman architecture It is also a miniature copy of the Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul Al-Nur mosque is the qibla of Tarawih prayer in the holy month of Ramadan

قباب النور

The name is inspired by the name of the mosque Al-Nur mosque and this perspective shows part of the domes of the Al-Nur mosque Which is characterized by the multiplicity of its domes built with ancient Islamic architectural designs br br br br

جزيرة النور

br br This island which is located opposite to Al Noor Mosque in the heart of the Emirate of Sharjah when you set foot on it you feel that you are in an elegant tropical forest away from the noise of the city although you are in its heart It is characterized by its atmosphere that excites the senses and inspires the mind

بيت الفراشات

br br One of the most beautiful features of Al Noor Island is the Butterfly House which is an architectural masterpiece designed in Astonishing Streamlined way that allows regulating the passage of sunlight br

شروق ضبابي

br An view from top of Al Mamzar area in the smiling emirate on a cold foggy spring morning Al Mamzar area is an energetic seaview area near the emirate of Dubai

غرفة تجارة وصناعة الشارقة

br Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and industry distinguished by its Islamic-inspired architectural design on a spring morning embellished with flowers

ختام المهرجان

br A fireworks show on the shores of Khalid Lake in Sharjah at the end of the Sharjah Lights Festival which is held annually in February

انعكاس النور

br Sharjah Grand Mosque the architectural icon that sits on the throne of the Capital of Islamic Culture during the Sharjah Lights Festival

خشوع الزهر

br br br The Grand Mosque of Sharjah appears in the background through flowers at sunset and the reverence of nature to the sound of minarets